About Me

Math as a tool for justice

I am passionate about using math to explore relevant issues, particularly those surrounding environmental, social, public health, and educational justice. I believe that everyone can understand math and that my job as a educator and researcher is to find ways to communicate different ideas in and around math with a variety of audiences.

Moving forward

I am interested in working in spaces focused on both math education and research. I am excited about empowering students through the development of culturally sustaining pedagogies and developing curriculum that helps educators do so.  I am also deeply invested in being a part of interdisciplinary research environments. 


I received my AAS from Everett Community College in 2014 as part of the Running Start program. After this, I received my BS in mathematics from the University of Utah in 2018. I opted to stay at my undergraduate institution for graduate school in order to continue working with my advisor, Ken Golden. I received my Ph.D. in mathematics in May of 2023.

In my spare time

When I'm not working on research or teaching, I can be found trail running, skiing, watching obscure movies, cooking new foods, or hanging out with my cat, Nala, and my dog, Petie!